Elevami is a brand of Studiolift s.r.l., which has its Head QUARTERS in Via BONAVENTURA ZUMBINI 29, MILAN, ITALY.

specialised in public and private vertical transport; it carries out the design and installation of lifts, platforms, hoists, stairlifts, escalators.

a TEAM of professionals who look towards the future with respect for the past.


This Made in Italy company brings together innovation and design and guarantees quality and safety over time.

elevami style

Extensive skills and many years of experience made available to private individuals and firms, joint owners, condominium administrators, engineering and architectural studios for the design, installation and maintenance of any requirements in the field of vertical transport.


Design and supply systems which satisfy the expectations of our customers, guaranteeing the quality of the product and the service.

PROFESSIONALISM & QUALITY: we design and manufacture in order to deliver a high quality product, which is made to measure for the customer and lasts in time.


elevami approach

Elevami has always paid great attention to the environment protection, in fact, it is one of the company’s key values.

We design and supply high efficiency, low energy consumption systems, which are able to guarantee minimal energy costs and reduce the impact on the environment.

Environmentally-friendly solutions which are able to guarantee low CO2 emissions. The short production chain and the active collaboration with our local suppliers and partners limit the transport, therefore reducing the pollution caused by our production, installation and maintenance logistics.

elevami energy safe

For us, the expression “Made in Italy” means a passion for our work, designing with enthusiasm in our Research & Development Department, and identifying the best suppliers and partners, thus guaranteeing a careful attention to detail and constantly testing new solutions and processes to improve the daily lives of our customers.

For us at Elevami, a good design means functionality and a harmonious appearance, which blend together in each supplied system. With an awareness of current trends, a consideration for architectural styles and an understanding of the tastes of our customers, we design unique systems to be safely used over time for new experiences in movement.

elevami design